Travel Help Desk - Success Story

Jon Milton

We would highly recommend travel BPO as the company saved 12% on managed travel spends in one year. We get comprehensive and consolidated data to manage travel spend. Our consolidated travel program helped the travel team achieve more traveler satisfaction.

I am founder and owner of Software Engineering Company, meetings, travelling and innovations are part of our job. To achieve new height my employees have to travel frequently for new ideas and work. All the expenses of travelling is have to be bearded by the company which is so huge and we can’t reduce it as I always want to provide best travelling experience to my employees as if they would have would be uncomfortable then how can they concentrate on their work. But Travels BPO has helped us to save 12% of total yearly expenses spent on travel as their travel management staff is smart, talented and cooperative they strategically plan our cooperate travel in less expense without compromising on quality. The traveler was happier than earlier.